Mitsubishi EVO 7-9 – Rear 2 Piece Brake Discs

The Brypar Prime-S disc assembly is a direct replacement for the OEM disc. A higher performance disc provides greater braking force and cooling capacity while maintain factory dimensions.

The bell portion of our disc is made from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum. The disc is made from our own proprietary grey cast iron, poured in a local Australian foundry and machined locally using our in house machining capabilities. Prime-S discs use prime number of curved vanes that have been designed to maximise internal surface area and cooling efficiency. Prime-S discs are available in a fixed or floating design, and fixed discs can be upgraded to a floating system by simply upgrading the cast iron disc and fixing hardware. The float in disc system uses stainless steel bobbins designed to Brypar’s specification and NAS spec nuts and bolt. The usual noise associated with floating discs is elminated by using bobbin springs to keep the disc from rattling. Float in the disc confines wear to the disc itself, meaning only the cast iron disc itself requires replacement when needed.

Product Details
Looking at brake design and production over the last quarter of a century no company has introduced new technology. Brypar have broken that mold with various unique elements to further refine the cast iron brake disc with improved design, lighter weight, better thermal properties and importantly, higher performance. The Prime in Prime-S refer to the use of prime numbers as a design philosophy. Using a prime number of vanes, mounting points and groove wiping pattern natural vibrations are all but eliminated leading to motorsport brake discs that require little to no balancing. Track testing has proven Brypar discs are better balanced, more thermally stable and have improved bite. What does this mean? More performance.

Size: 300x22mm

Weight: 4.65kg

Disc Material: Cast Iron

Bell material: Nickel Plated Aluminium 6061-T6

• BPM02 High Carbon grey cast iron for high stress and continual thermal cycling • Proprietary cast iron composition assists in reducing wear and increasing service life • Direct OE replacement high performance brake disc assembly • Prime number of vanes for natural NVH dampening • Motorsport derived Konic groove pattern for improved bite and pad wear characteristics • Designed to be used with OEM caliper • Brypar recommends pairing Prime-S Discs with BP501 pads to match the improved performance of discs
Installation Guide
Click here to download your fitting guide.


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